Growing media

Professional soil mixes -

High quality, nursery-grade potting mixes with perfect drainage characteristics, specially created using our custom formulas. Ideal mixes specifically designed for different types of tropical plants.
Propagation mixes and other growing media.

Plant boosters

SUNSHINE™ line of products -


An ultimate plant stimilant so wanted by gardeners, finally is here!

SUNSHINE™ is a natural plant growth hormone and the first representative of a new generation of agricultural chemicals, specifically designed for tropical plants, fruit trees and vegetables.



New genereation of fertilizers -

Professional custom blends for for fruit trees and ornamental plants grown in containers.
Unique formulas of slow release, balanced plant food, containing all major nutrients and micro elements.
Microelement water soluble mixes, and much more.




Coming soon

  • - Riefer's Magic Mix - soil mix
    - ORCHIDASM - orchid fertilizer
    - BUTTERFLY JOY - attractor
    - TOTAL FEED - fertilizer


For bulk orders of SUNSHINE™ products, please contact us for more information.